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Oh soul, don’t weep for the things that will never be,
Be grateful, rejoice for the things you have and can see,
When memories come flooding back to remind,
Of things and time that were more kind,
Remember time cannot erase, cannot rewind,
And some things remain forever etched in the mind.
So when the day is dark and full of cloud,
Remember the things of which you can be proud,
Of the things that DO bring a smile to your face,
And some of the inner turmoil do erase,
For you stand alone holding ONE strong hand,
And through that strength you know you can stand,
You can stand, you can fight, you can defeat the foe,
Cos we fight forces unseen, that we know,
So when the enemy stands before you veiled in his invisible sheet,
Remember what is his fear, what’s his fearful defeat,
It’s more than a word, it’s what stands behind,
Cos in this word, all Power we find,
So when the enemy slithers in like a flood, shout;
“Get behind me, get behind the Blood!”


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