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The warmth of God’s Love!


No doubt, this world can be cruel and cold. And each person has a void that needs to be filled.  We try all sorts of things to fill that void, when it’s really so simple and has been there all along.

The love of God. 

Unassuming.  Unintrusive.  Patient.  And ever there. 

But it can’t be that simple? It can’t be that effortless to find happiness?  The answer is, yes. It IS that simple.

All it takes is one word and He’s there.  A breath.  A sigh.  A tear. 

It is that easy. 

He is that close.


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Keep your goal in your line of vision!


Keep your goal in front of you.

It’s so easy to get way laid and distracted from what we set out to do.  It comes in the form of daily duties, unexpected challenges and the occasional curve-ball.
We find the wind knocked out of our sails, and frankly, getting to our planned goal is not that easy without wind.
We even forget to breathe.  We’re so tense that our shoulders sit where our ears should be and our ears… they’re ringing from the vortex we’re in. 
And our goal?  That thing that we promised we’d reach?  Well we squint to see if we can find it.  Then we have to refocus, valuable energy is lost and more time has trickled through our fingers.
But reach it, we shall.  We owe it to ourselves.  We should be worth the effort.
So if today you find that your goal has moved or you’ve moved away from your goal, then shake your shoulders, crack those knuckles if you must, but do something to push yourself to reach your goal.
Contentment comes when you’ve attained something that gives your existence meaning. 
And that, is a powerful feeling!