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“In the night garden”

The night air is warm as it swirls gently around me.  Almost sweet in its gentleness.  It’s strangely quiet for a suburban village.  No dogs barking.  No insects buzzing.  No noises in the distance. Quiet.  Peaceful.

The sky is turning from orange to magenta to its peaceful navy hues as I sit in my normal spot amongst my fellow bloomers.  Although none of them are blooming at this stage.  But they did.  There are signs of faded flowers which brings a sense of peace to me.  I am part of them.  Quietly surveying our peaceful surrounds.  Now and then the warm air throws an invisible cushion my way.  I lean into it.  Love it.

I’m different now.  At night.  I think prettier.  In fact, I think it’s because I’m embracing the nighttime treasures.  I celebrate this time, because this is MY time.  My time to shine.  And even though I don’t think that many if any, will notice, I am deeply content in it.

You see, we all need our time, and night time is my time.  It’s the perfect time.  Morning time will come.  Once more I’ll fold my turn back my fringe.  But that’s okay. Because when the time was perfect, I became what I knew I was created to be.  I bloomed at the right time.  Any other time wouldn’t have given me the results I got.

Timing is everything!

Timing is everything!

Perhaps you’re thinking that the time will never come for you to realise your dream, but it could be that the timing is not quite right just now.  Give it some more time.  Stay within the natural flow of your dream, sticking to your mini goals to get you to the ultimate one.

We are all meant to bloom.  Don’t give up.  Don’t listen to negative talk. Stay focused.  Your dream is important to you and when the time is right…

YOU will bloom!  Perfectly!